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Wrocław in a nutshell 

  • Largest city in the western Poland (fourth largest in Poland)
  • Population: 700.000 habitants
  • Location: south –western Poland
  • Area: 292,82 km².
  • 3 millions tourists per year

Interesting facts about Wrocław

  • Wrocław is one of the leading academic centres of Poland with over 120,000 students (20% of the whole city’s population) living there
  • Wrocław was named „European Capital of Culture “in 2016
  • You’ll see garden Gnome statues scattered all around the city, each little guy has his own name and they are referenced in their own website.
  • The consulting company Mercer ranked Wrocław the “Best City to Live” in 2015 judged on 230 cities
  • There are over 300 bars and clubs in Wrocław, and many of the islands have restaurants with the most amazing riverside view


About the city


Wrocław is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Located in the south-western part of the country, it is the capital of one of the 16 voivodships and the fourth biggest city in Poland. The city is located on a plain, by the Oder river which channels and branches create an unique atmosphere. Because of the many rivers, islands, some 200 or so bridges and the sheer beauty of the city, Wroclaw has a growing reputation as the Venice of the North.
Some could argue, but Wroclaw is allegedly or for a better word, propably the most beautiful city in Poland. Wrocław is a lively vibrant student city, and many Poles complement the city with a name play, calling it “WrocLOVE”.

Wrocław - an important logistic hub

Moreover, the city is an important centre for production and transit, and one of the most important logistic centres in the country – there are many logistics and freight forwarding companies here, the second largest railway freight station in Poland, there are logistics parks with growing storage area. These companies are the base for our university: students take internships and trainings there, and graduates are employed at all stages of their careers in logistics and transportation industry.



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