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Wrocław is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Located in the south-western part of the country, it is the capital of one of the 16 voivodships and the fourth biggest city in Poland. The city is located on a plain, by the Oder river which channels and branches create unique atmosphere.

Where is Wroclaw? Wroclaw is the largest city in western Poland and has a population of around 630,000.


Wroclaw has had a long a varied history stretching back over a thousand years. For many years Wroclaw was a German city (Breslau – German name) and this influence can be seen in the architecture throughout the city. For course Wroclaw is now part of Poland, but it has also been part of the Czech Republic and Austria

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Because of the many rivers, islands, some 200 or so bridges and the sheer beauty of the city, Wroclaw has a growing reputation as the Venice of the North.

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Wroclaw is a lively vibrant student city, and many Poles complement the city with a name play, calling it “WrocLOVE”. 
wroclaw students
You’ll see garden Gnome statues scattered all around the city, each little guy has his own name and they are referenced in their own website

Some could argue, but Wroclaw is allegedly or for a better word, properly the most beautiful city in Poland.

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Wroclaw fountain (wroclawska fontanna) is a must see attraction. There are hourly shows, with water projecting as high as 40 meters, coupled with music and laser lights for a truly wonder visual experience.

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Residence of Wroclaw can be proud to say that their city is one of the front runners to be named “European Capital of Culture in 2016”


Wrocław is a place where two transport corridors meet. Moreover, the city is an important center for production and transit, and one of the most important logistic centers in the country – there are many logistics and freight forwarding companies here. The city offers also the second biggest railway station, logistic parks with growing number of warehouses. These are also the places visited by our students, where they can practice and later find employment.




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