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Dual studies are a new form of education conducted within undergraduate studies at transport and logistics majors. In the integrated system of dual studies students attend classes for three days (Monday - Wednesday) and two days they devote to the internship with the experts in the field of transport, forwarding and logistics (Thursday - Friday). The internships are paid and monthly salary is not lower than the tuition fee! Students have acquired theory, so that they can find their way in the industry. Through direct contact with employers and the opportunity to get the knowledge about the company’s operations and expectations, students gain the valuable experience during the course of studies. It is a big chance to get prepared for the demands of the labour market for graduates. The University, in cooperation with partner companies, adapts the curriculum, so both the curriculum and the internship are implemented in accordance with the field of education. Classes will be conducted with the participation of experts from partner companies. The goal of dual studies is the remuneration for an internship for at least 60 best students, which fully covers the tuition fee. Internships begin in the second year of studies and continue through the whole period of studies.


So far, full-time studies could cause all sorts of difficulties in gaining experience, due to classes from Monday to Friday. Now, students get the opportunity where, together with education can also gain professional qualifications and experience, becoming specialists highly appreciated by employers.



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