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Management - Bachelor’s of Science Studies – Course Description

Undergraduate studies
(6 semesters)

Undergraduate studies are vocational studies aimed mainly at those who intend to find an occupation sought on the labour market as well as to gain practical skills within three years of study.

We invite you to intramural and extramural undergraduate studies in the field of management.


We offer:
  • intramural (Mon.– Fri.)
  • extramural studies (Sat. – Sun.)


Specialties to choose


Specialization: Enterprise Management

 zarzadzanie przedsiebiorstwem

Contemporary economic conditions are described by experts as very difficult. A high level of competitiveness, products (services) surfeit or dynamics of macroeconomic aspects make survival on the market dependent on good management of the company. That is why on the labour market there is a demand for specialists who are able to effectively solve problems that arise during the implementation of business management processes.

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Specialization: Product Management

 zarzadzanie produktem

 The consequence of the progressive dynamics of consumer behaviours is the increase in the demand for specialists responsible for marketing, technical and economic shaping of the product range i.e.  Product Managers. They create innovative products that meet specific customer needs and solve their current problems.  Product Managers manage products at every stage of their life cycles as well as coordinate all the basic spheres of managing individual products and brands offered by the company.

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Specialization: Crisis Management

 zarzadzanie kryzysowe

 An increasing interpersonal interdependence in the global dimension, dependence on technology and on the access to energy sources as well as increasing demands on the standard of living of societies, in particular post-industrial societies, cause an increase in interest in the area of crisis management. The desire to ensure safety results in an increased demand for specialists in this field - Crisis Managers who will be multilaterally prepared to deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

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Specialization: Project Management

 zarzadzanie projektami

 The dynamic labour market requires companies to create flexible organizational structures so that a quick response to opportunities and threats appearing in the environment is possible. At the same time, more and more activities in the enterprise are single-use, but are subject to restrictions of various kinds. These phenomena results in the fact that the demand for specialists in the field of project management - project managers that are able to effectively implement projects - increases.

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Specialization: Automotive Industry Management

zarzadzanie motoryzjacja 

The automotive industry in terms of global, regional and national perspective is developing very intensively. The profits of enterprises operating in this sector have been growing steadily for over 10 years, and a further increase is expected. Therefore, the demand for specialists in the field of management in the automotive industry has appeared in the labour market.

Find out more: Study programme | Professional perspectives

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