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The International University of Logistics and Transport In Wrocław

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Description of specialization

 Logistics Master's of Science Studies (4 semesters)


  Studies in cooperation with

University of Lorraine educates over 50000 students. Check!



MSc Studies 4 semesters

All subjects are taught in English as the language of instruction

We offer:

  • Full-time courses (5 days a week – from Mondays to Fridays)

40% of classes are run by professors from the University of Lorraine that specializes in research on industrial processes and systems optimization.

After completing the 1st year of studies 10 best students will be able to continue their education aiming at their scientific development.

Having received the MSc diploma in logistics, the graduates will be able to begin doctoral studies IN FRANCE.

Specialisation: Industrial Systems Engineering

Students will acquire specialist knowledge in the field of logistics systems optimization in production and industrial companies, as well as skills that will enable them to manage, control quality and optimize production.
The courses allow students to acquire knowledge required to design and manage logistics and production systems as far as technology, economy, organization and knowledge of society are concerned. These studies also focus on practical skills that combine technological, economic, and organizational aspects of production logistics. Moreover, the courses allow to educate professionals who are prepared to perform managerial tasks in research projects dedicated to industrial development. The curriculum has been adjusted to teaching standards at the University of Lorraine.





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dr Marcin Pawęska
FCILT - Chief Executive

One of the main objectives of CILT (UK) is to promote and support knowledge on logistics and transport.

The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław, Poland as a specialized university educating students at undergraduate and postgraduate courses, makes sure that the offered majors and specialities are in line with the labour market requirements. The University offers, in cooperation with the University of Lorraine,France, joint studies with English as the language of instruction – JOINT MSc in ENGINEERING which give students new professional opportunities, supported by excellent command of professional English. 40% of classes are run by professors from the University of Lorraine – the university that educates over 50 thousand students and that specializes in research on systems optimization and on industrial processes. Additionally, within the JOINT MSc in ENGINEERING courses 10 best students who complete the first year of their studies, will have the opportunity to continue their education at the partner university in France which will aim at scientific development at PhD studies. As the confirmation of their skills and qualifications graduates will receive both Polish and French diplomas.

The joint studies carried out in a partnership with the University of Lorraine are the pride of the IULT and they truly testify for the international character of the University and create great opportunities for students.




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